Why you should choose private transfer services for your Holiday

Nowadays, more and more people prefer to book private transfer services for their holidays. In the past, the majority of people used public transport but gave up on it because of the many problems that have arisen due to issues related to urban transit. The fact that you have to wait for a taxi or waiting for the always crowded buses may upset you and can turn your dream vacation into a nightmare. If you want peace of mind during your holidays, you should undoubtedly choose a private transfer service.

Best places to visit in Thessaloniki

Plan your trip to Greece and more specifically to Thessaloniki and you will be amazed by the perfection of this magic city. Thessaloniki, also known as Salonica, is the second largest city in Greece with a lot of attractions and famous for the excellent food choices as well as for the amazing entertainment options.

Halkidiki - a fantastic summer destination

The long-awaited holiday season arrived and we are eager to plan our summer vacation. When it comes to summer holidays, we all think of turquoise sandy beaches, clear waters, delicious food, moments of relaxation and fun, and recreational activities.


Contrary to popular belief, most people use taxi as a transport option. Whether you are visiting a foreign place for a business trip or holiday, you can take all the advantages of using this smart and cost effective option.


The majority of people who are planning their holidays don’t consider transfer services as one of the major thing to organize. Visiting a foreign country where you are not familiar with the culture and where people speak different language, might be a stressful experience.

The St. Paisios monastery

In recent years we transfer more and more people from Thessaloniki Airport (SKG) to Souroti. They are tourists who visit the Monastery of St. John the Theologian or the Monastery of Paisios as they use to call it.

The history of taxi in Greece

What is the history of taxi in Greece, when did the taxi make it's first appearance in the large cities. Lets find out!

The evolution of Taxi in Greece

From taxi fares to customized transfer services and private excursions, the taxi industry in Greece has evolved very quickly the last 15 years. The most significant push towards the new face of the taxi business was given by the tourism sector and the constantly changing needs of the customers.