Payment Methods

Details related to the prices of the service, as well as the procedures about the payment and the delivery appear on our website. The current price of any service is the price that is displayed on our website on the date and the time of your reservation. As soon as your reservation is confirmed, you remise to have the fees that will be shown on the taximeter during your transfer.

In case the cost of the transfer I higher than the one mentioned in your reservation, we will inform you and then you can cancel your reservation and receive a full refund or make the reservation again in the correct price.

You have to pay with credit or charging card during your reservation. You are given two choices, either pay the whole sum through bank account or pay a percent with your credit or charging card (as this is determined during the procedure of the reservation) and the rest of the sum in cash to the driver during your transfer. The cards that we accept are designated on the reservation form of our website.