Tips & advices when taking a taxi in Thessaloniki

Mon 27 Dec 2021
Tips & advices when taking a taxi in Thessaloniki

If you are planing to visit Thessaloniki for holidays or for a business trip, then you can use a taxi to easily get where you want with affordable prices if you compare them with the rest of the European countries. Here are some tips if you are going to use a taxi in Thessaloniki and not only.

When using a taxi in Thessaloniki we recommend:

Taking a taxi from the official taxi stations and taxi ranks that are located at the airport, train stations

If you have questions, for lost & found items or in the case of an eventual problem you can always talk with the official taxi club of Thessaloniki. ( - tel: +30 2310477167)

When you want to get somewhere within the city limits it is always best to pre book a taxi using the so called radio-taxis which simply are taxis that you can call by phone.

When you are entering a taxi always check that the taximeter is set to the initial charge. After the initial charge the cost of the fare depends mostly on the distance covered and less on the time of the transfer.

In Thessaloniki the official colors of all Taxis is white and blue (as you can see in the image above) when the vans can have different color in some cases. Often we need a taxi when arriving at the airport so the official for the airport is right outside the arrivals terminal and very easy to find. It is always the best choice to pre-book your taxi since in the summer the demand for a taxi can get pretty high and you might have to wait for a free one.

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