We stay safe, we travel safe

Thu 03 Feb 2022
We stay safe, we travel safe

Summer is here but is not the same with others. Hot sunny weather is a challenge to our mood and makes us feeling freer and thinking our holidays, the sandy beaches, the crystal clear waters, the parties, exciting watersports and many others that make us have fun.

Unfortunately, an unprecedented global pandemic Coronavirus Covid-19 started in the winter and is still here. Because of this unpleasant situation we have to consider our health. This doesn’t mean that we have to stop our life but we have to take care ourselves and our loved ones.

Which place should I choose for my summer holidays?

The answer is of course Greece. Greek government reacted quickly and the general lock down helped to quash the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic. The measures that were taken and the individual protocols applied in country brought Greece among the safe tourist destinations. 

Greek authorities are checking on a regular basis if people keep a safe distance while hotels, cafes, restaurants and all the crowded places have taken all the necessary measures in order to ensure the safety of guests.

Choose private transfers

One of the most common factors that increases the risk for Covid-19 disease is our transportations. Public transport is a way of life but unfortunately crowded trains, cars and buses prove that some people don’t keep the physical distance between others but even if everyone takes all the precautions to be safe this doesn’t mean that is safe under all circumstances.

Private transfer services guarantee the health safety of their passengers. On daily basis the staff follow standardized cleaning and disinfection procedures after each tour in order to prevent diseases like the spread of Covid-19. 

The health and the safety of drivers and of travelers is our top priority. All the vehicles are equipped with hands disinfectant wipes, with face mouth masks, with hand sanitizers while the cabins of the vehicles are always cleaned thoroughly with disinfecting cleaners.

The staff on regular basis clean the air filters in order to stop viruses while during each tour drivers let fresh air to come into vehicle. 

For hygiene reasons and in order to follow health protocols all drivers always wear a mask as a safety precaution against Covid-19.

EasyTransfer Services guarantee the safety of all passengers 

Discover Greece with luxury and safety. Book your safe transfer from Thessaloniki airport to any place with Easy Transfer. Our professional drivers will be waiting for you at Thessaloniki Airport ``Makedonia``, on the scheduled time to welcome you. We ensure the health and the safety of you and of your loved persons. Enjoy private tours with comfort and safety only with EasyTransfer.